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This year support was provided to three families with very different circumstances, but all facing tremendous challenges. Although we know we cannot make their circumstances better, we pray that by offering some support we can offset the burden that they have to bear along with letting them know that they do not face it alone.  Below you will find a brief description of each of these families situations:


Family #1

This elderly couple from Canada were both suffering from different forms of cancer.  The wife was diagnosed as terminal and she has since fallen asleep in Jesus.  As he cared for his wife, the husband deferred his own treatement but he has subsequently recieved treatment and is doing well. 


Family #2

This family recently experienced the loss of their mother to cancer. To make things more complicated, the father had just lost his job which greatly impacted their ability to meet the needs of a growing family. In order for the children to attend school in this country, tuition must be paid but because of this family's situation, the children were not going to be able to attend school. With your support, they have been able to pay the tuition. 


Family #3

This family immigrated to the United States ten years ago.  In time they were able to save enough money to buy their first home.  The home was purchased and in need of a great many repairs. While fixing the house up, it was discovered that the father had cancer.  After a short battle, he fell asleep in Jesus.  This left the family without their main souce of income and living in a home still in need of repair.  Thanks to your support, the family was able to purchase a new roof.



Highlights from 2015
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