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2016 Softball Benefit Beneficiaries

Our purpose is to show the love that our Lord Jesus showed to us and help those who are in need.  This Benefit brings young and old together to raise as much money as possible in order to help lighten the burden of those who are struggling. We want them to know that there are those who love them and care about them. Jesus loved the world and gave us this example to follow.  “Bear one another’s burdens, and so fulfill the law of Christ.”


With this principle in mind, we are requesting your help in the spiritual and financial support for individuals/families who are currently experiencing financial hardship. Families such as the Wolfes from Texas who are constantly attending to the care of their son Jack who was diagnosed with Type 1 diabetes at the age of two. His parents keep after his sugar levels tirelessly to ensure they are stable during the day and throughout the night.  Although Jack wears an insulin pump and continuous glucose monitor, his mother Leah is regularly up three to five times each night to check on him as these tools can have a 15 minute delay.  With Type 1 Diabetes, if his sugar levels become unbalanced (to high or low), it can cause seizures, coma or stroke which can all lead to brain damage or worse.  The Wolfe family lives with this fear each day.  For families like these, a diabetes dog can contribute greatly to the warning system for kids like Jack who may not show any physical signs that his levels are becoming unbalanced.  These dogs can detect whether blood sugar is high or low and alert his parents who can quickly act even before the monitor that he wears.  This will greatly assist them during the night and at places such as school wear his parents can’t 

always be. 


Other families suffer due to the loss of income for various reasons.  A sad number of those cases are for whatever reason, a father or mother deciding to leave the family, leaving behind a single parent to raise and care for their children.  This makes it extremely difficult financially, especially in certain areas of the country that are more expensive to live.  When a parent leaves, it has emotional consequences on those who are left as well as the daily struggles of life. It may be difficult to understand the daily struggles families like these have to endure, so we are asking everyone to pray for them and generously donate what you can to help in some way lighten the burden they experiencing. 


Many suffer tremendously from various illnesses and diseases that result in financial hardships due to medical costs associated with treatment. It is sad in every case, but especially when a healthy, vibrant young person is struck by an illness that is debilitating. Their parents have done everything possible to find solutions to these health problems, but without much success.  They have gone from doctor to doctor looking for answers, but, each time hearing the disappointing words that nothing further could be done. If that isn’t difficult enough, the bills have quickly piled up and the family is now faced with large sums of medical debt with no end in sight due to the continuing struggle to find answers to their child’s medical issues.  Please pray for healing and any donations that you can give would be greatly appreciated.


Our goal this year is to raise $40,000 for these families in need.  Thanks to everyone for their generous support both spiritually and financially.  May we continue to spread the love of Jesus until His return. 


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