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2017 Softball Benefit Beneficiaries

This year the annual softball benefit is looking to help two families offset some of the costs associated with the financial hardships experienced due to medical reasons. Below is a brief summary of each family's situation:


The Palele family attend the Baltimore Ecclesia in Maryland.  They are a family of eight, with six children ranging in ages from three to thirteen.  Originally from The Democratic Republic of Congo, they fled in 2007 to Zimbabwe where the father Ebengo was baptized in 2012.  After eight years in Zimbabwe, the family came to the United States care of the International Rescue Committee.  Since then, they have attended the ecclesia in Baltimore regularly.  

In 2011, while in Zimbabwe, Ebengo suffered an eye ailment which left him legally blind.  This has made finding work very difficult.  His wife Safarani works three twelve hour days each week to help with rent.  She also is learning English and studying to be baptized.  In addition to Ebengo’s difficulty finding work, he cannot drive due to his eye condition.  With a large family, this is a challenge.  The Baltimore ecclesia assists the Palele family each Sunday with rides to meeting but unfortunately the Paleles are located on the far side of the city, far away from many of the members.  


The Lindeblad family are long standing members of the Schooley’s Mountain Ecclesia in New Jersey.  Recently brother Mark Lindeblad was diagnosed with Stage Four Esophageal Cancer.  The cancer spread to his liver, lymph nodes and lungs.  He was given a prognosis of nine months to a year even with chemo treatment.   

Given his grave diagnosis, Brother Mark chose to pursue alternative treatment at a clinic in Mexico.  Here, he has shown promising signs of improvement.  Brother Mark is self-employed and has been in Mexico for over five weeks.  The loss of income is difficult.  When he returns, he will need time to rest and heal.

May we all set aside some time in prayer for both families, knowing that this is our best and most effective course of action - ‘the prayer of the righteous availeth much’.


Our goal this year is to raise $50,000 for these families in need.  Thanks to everyone for their generous support both spiritually and financially.  May we continue to spread the love of Jesus until His return. 


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